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We've been serving patients in Harrisburg and the University Area since 1995 using gentle, specific chiropractic care.  Our practice offers a unique, breakthrough approach to patient care called KST (Koren Specific Technique). There is no twisting, turning, "cracking", or "popping" of joints with KST; instead, you receive gentle specific corrections to your spine and structural system. And most adjustments or corrections are done either sitting or standing.

Find out why people suffering from sciatica, migraines, chronic pain, thoracic hump, poor posture, disc problems, depression, anxiety, dyslexia, sleeping difficulties, autism and many other conditions rave about KST.

With an emphasis on optimal living, we offer unlimited chiropractic membership plans for patients of all ages; from infants to seniors.

If you're looking for information for specific conditions, feel free to search the article database at the bottom right of this  page or call (704) 455-1000 to make an appointment. You have nothing to lose and only your health to gain!

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 Tuesday's at 6:45 PM

Come join us for a fun and informative hour with Dr. Chris Musacchio. This is the best way to learn about what we do here, how we do it and why. Our orientation is open to anyone who has the desire to learn more about their health and wellness and it is always free.  We do ask that you call in advance to reserve a seat since our space is limited. Have any questions or need more details? Call and ask for Donna, our number is (704) 455-1000. We look forward to meeting you soon!




Health Articles

Chiropractic Care Eases Back-Related Leg Pain
Chiropractic Care Eases Back-Related Leg Pain
A study published on September 16, 2014, in the Annals of Internal Medicine showed that spinal manipulation (SMT), as they called it, combined with exercise, could help patients with back and leg pain more than just exercise alone. This care is in contrast to medications, injections, or spinal surgery. . . .
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Chiropractic Care May Reduce Gym and Fitness-Related Injuries
Chiropractic Care May Reduce Gym and Fitness-Related Injuries
From New Zealand on May 23, 2014, comes the above headline and story in NZDoctor reporting on research conducted at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic. The research shows that failure to control or properly activate one's core muscles can lead to injury such as spinal injuries. Chiropractic care . . .
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Conservative Care First: A Sensible, Effective Approach to Back and Neck Pain
Conservative Care First: A Sensible, Effective Approach to Back and Neck Pain
The above headline comes from the July 28, 2014, Digital Journal release from the American Chiropractic Association (ACA). In their release, they announced that October will be "National Chiropractic Health Month (NCHM)." The ACA notes that they are, "...working with the more than 130,000 . . .
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Breastfeeding Reduces Child Mortality Rate by 85%
Breastfeeding Reduces Child Mortality Rate by 85%
The headline above is from an August 10, 2014, article in The Rakyat Post, a publication from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. The statistics may be unique to Kuala Lumpur, but multiple studies from all over the world have confirmed the large health benefit to an infant from breastfeeding for both increased . . .
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